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John Lennon Wall

Small an oasis of independence and freedom that have not been able to destroy in the 1980s, when the first outlines of almost holy face of John Lennon began to emerge in the eternal memory wall. After his unexpected death appeared here numerous quotes from songs, portraits of the former Beatle and yellow submarine. Authorities were trying to fight and with «Strawberry fields», and with the ubiquitous «Imagine», but fanaticism fans eventually won. Someone even let a rumor like this wall can be found immortalized autograph of Lennon, but according to the official information of the legendary singer, if visited in Prague, it was only in my dream.

Where to find: Mala Strana, Velkoprevorske Namesti

Admission: Free



Designated kisses

Come to the gallery Futura and feel the taste of this policy. Without further ado, and constraint is the same David Black has demonstrated that it is necessary to do to become a successful person. Sculpture received sounding name "Monument subservience": tourists are invited to climb inside their own five-meter figures, the entrance to which is no other than the rear opening. Inside it is a pleasure blurred video from former Czech President Vaclav Klaus and artist Milan Knizhakom engaged in eating tasty porridge.

Where to find: Holeckova 49, Praha 5

Admission: Free